Trials of Heather

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I got my period today, so I take back what I said... I got my period along with a nice cold...So that might be where I was feeling sick from... I am not crying this time around... But I am still upset about it, since this is what I have wanted for forever...But I have to pick up the pieces and think about the next cycle. I guess we have to keep trying and hopefully some day we will have our bundle of joy. Great now the tears are falling.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I guess I need to post more... Maybe I should try to post at least once per week.

I hope I'm pregnant...only a couple more days to wait....since I am not technically late yet... But I feel like I am pregnant... I think... Since I don't have a ton of experience with this, since my last time ended in miscarriage.... I am feeling sick and have heartburn and food adversions... Also my asthma is better for some reason... Just like last time. I HOPE I AM (and I hope if I am it goes full term).... I need a Christmas miracle of some sort.

I am totally not feeling Christmas this year... I don't know entirely sure why... I guess maybe it has something to do with I can't let go of the m/c... I keep thinking about how many months I would be...

I went to the Allergist for my asthma...I made sure that everything that I was on would be ok...He said it will be... This is something I meant to do before I get pregnant the last time, but it ended before I ever got there...And then lets just say that I let a lot of things drop to the wayside afterwards... I have a one in three chance of my asthma getting worse when pregnant, and one in three chance of it getting better, and of course it could stay the same... From the short while I was pregnant last time my asthma was better...