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Monday, February 26, 2007

A lot has changed in a month! We just found out last Thursday that we lost our baby. I went into the doctor with some bleeding, which they told me was probably nothing, to find out through an ultrasound that our baby didn't make it past 8 1/2 weeks. This totally is so hard to deal with especially since it is the 2nd miscarriage for us. We had a D&C on Friday and went home and both my husband and we laid on the bed and cried for the rest of the day. My hubby has been supper supportive this time around. This sucks, i don't understand why this happened to us again. I have never seen my hubby cry before. He told me that he can't go through this again. I don't think i have it in me to go through it again either. It is too hard.

I also found out that i have a cyst on my ovary, which they think they need to remove. This freaks me out too, since i worry about us trying one more time without my ovary. I don't know what they are going to say more about it. I go to my appt in 2 weeks for recheck after the surgery and will ask more then. I wonder if the cyst contributed in our miscarriage? Anyone know? I have been praying like crazy this go around and have started to lose some faith. I think it has to do with be very depressed.

My doctor gave me a week off of work but i am scared that i will lose my job if i take it. So i am going to try to go back in tomorrow. I hope everyone at work leaves me alone and then it shouldn't be too bad.



At 11:23 AM, Blogger Kellie said...

Heather, I am so very, very sorry to hear your news. I wish there was something I could say that would make you feel better, but just know that I will keep you and your husband in my prayers.

At 2:41 AM, Anonymous Ria said...

Hi Heather,

Thank you for passing through my blog :). I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your baby. I too know how it feels. I lost a baby a few years ago. Its never easy. Im just glad that you have the support of a great husband. Dont lose faith and take it easy. ***HUGS****

At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Angella said...

Oh, Heather! I am SO SORRY for your loss!!! I'm praying for you!

At 12:44 PM, Blogger SaraS-P said...

I am so so sorry to hear that you have to go through this again.

I am hoping for better days for you...

At 1:40 PM, Blogger Aliza said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for stopping by my babyfruit blog. I hope you are finding useful information. If you have specific questions, please email me through my blog.

About cyst on ovary, it might affect something. The key is often progesterone levels and ovaries produce progesterone until the placenta takes over - somewhere around 5-7 weeks, this transition begins and if the ovaries aren't doing their thing (because of age, blockage, etc.), this can end an otherwise viable pregnancy. I received shots of progesterone 3x a week to take over for the ovaries until week 13 when the placenta was in full force. Sorry to inundate you with details like this and I know you and your husband are feeling like you cannot go through it again. But you will either find the strength or make the decision to become parents in another way.

It feels like it all ends here but it is just another step closer to parenthood, one way or another. Take the time you need to heal. This is all about learning to understand and respect your body and your self.


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