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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thank you for everyone's support. It means the world to me. :)

About a week until my appt with the Dr....and as I still have the pregnancy systems... Morning (or should i say lunch) sickness sucks.. I have puked yet, but smells are really getting to me. I feel like i can smell things a lot more than i used to. Smells of food at lunch time at work make me not feel so good. I have to look at this a good thing though, because it means i am still pregnant. My breasts are extremely tender. I am very emotional, I was crying when i was watching Grey's Anatomy on Thursday and had a hard time stopping even after the commerical break was done. I am tired beyond belief, i feel like i could sleep the whole day away if i wanted to. I think my asthma is worse to, which worries me a little...i guess i will have to make an appt with my allergist too, to get that all checked out.

I am still scared that i am going to lose this baby...but i have to start looking at it this way: I didn't make it past 5 weeks last time. I am 6 weeks pregnant! I need to start enjoying this. But that is easier said than done. If my husband has his way this will be our only baby. I would like more, but will be happy with one for now. I pray EVERY NIGHT that everything will go alright and that i wouldn't lose this one. I went into the babies room today, and sat on the floor and thought about how i wanted to decorate it! I also thought how awesome it is going to be having an actual baby in that room. I want this so badly i hope i make it full term.

I was talking to my dad online today and i really wanted to spill the beans to him... but didn't. My dad knows about the m/c and i think he took that i will tell him after my appt on the 22 and after i know the test come back ok.



At 10:31 AM, Blogger SaraS-P said...

I really hope you get to bring a baby into that baby room. Although I haven't gotten pregnant again yet, I know it will be very hard to keep myself from telling people until things seem more or less certain (or at least past the magic 12 week milestone). This has to be an emotional time with many mixed emotions.

Best wishes!

At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Ria said...

Hey first of all goodluck with everything, I know what you mean by the 'morning sickness' though I can totally sympathise. This morning I look at a left over pork from last nite and I just hurled. Its great being pregnant! Take care xx


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